Welcome to the S20APP (Analytical Player Programme) for footballers

Created by ex-professionals and coaches in the game from grassroots to professional level, the S20APP football training software monitors and helps improve your footballing game.

How does it work? By analysing every touch the football player makes, the S20APP football evaluation software lets you know how productive a player has been with the ball, how much time they have had on the ball, and most importantly, how effective they have been with it.

You can use the S20APP system to generate achievable targets and create results which will benefit individual footballers and also have a valuable and positive effect on your team, encouraging players to work harder and become more creative – essential ingredients in today’s successful footballer.

Don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself TODAY from ONLY £20/year for 1 assessor and 1 player you can’t go wrong. Add additional players anytime for £18/year, or for bigger clubs, contact us today for a standalone system quote.


tick Better individual performances
tick Improves team play
tick No opinions just facts
tick Fantastic coaching tool
tick Worldwide scouting tool
tick Shows how intelligent the player is with the ball
tick Let other clubs monitor your performance

The S20APP football analysis software is a great tool that helps you analyse and improve your game.


“I have been involved in professional football for over 30 years and have witnessed every new coaching tool that has ever been invented.
Recently I have had the pleasure of being introduced to the S20APP analytical player programme, which enables individual players to be evaluated by an assessor who’s results are fed into the system and then are given an accurate read out of the player’s performance. I have introduced this system to Chesterfield Football Club, from our development squads, through the academy and all the way through to the first team squad. We use this tool to improve our players as individuals. The results have been amazing and I thoroughly recommend the system. The system is for any level of football, from grass roots all the way to International footballers. The improvement of individuals will be there for all to see and, once individuals improve, you will see the team’s performance improve. In my opinion it’s the best improvement tool on the market.”

Chris Turner

Chris Turner
Chief Executive – Chesterfield FC.


Focus X2
Analysis Software
– the perfect partner to S20app.

“The S20APP is a must have for any player, coach, technical trainer or DOC.
Beast Mode Soccer is all about ‘goal’ based training, we set our players long term and short term goals, the S20APP enables us to see whether the player is developing at the rate expected in accordance with their goal sheet. You can track your players over the course of a few weeks, a month, even a season, this is ridiculously helpful for not only us as technical trainers, but also for the player to see what they can work harder on in training. The S20APP is a must have for anyone in football dedicated to long term player development.”

David Copeland-Smith

David Copeland-Smith
Director – Beast Mode Soccer
Beverly Hills, California, USA.


Football assessors – monitor football players performance, individual player analysis for footballers and scout for players.

Help with EPPP, Release tool, 4 game analysis, Scouting network, Create a players diary to see the progression and improvement.