How does it work?

Every touch the player makes is analysed

Once you become a member (assessor), you are supplied with password permissions to the S20app and 1 FREE player slot (additional players can be added after you’ve logged in).

This gives you (the assessor) access to a downloadable ‘tally sheet’ which is then used to record a players success or failure of 13 core movements (descriptions/ illustrations provided) alongside 5 minute time periods.

After completing the ‘tally sheet’ during a match, you simply log into your online account and transfer the data. On the click of a button, the S20APP then carries out a series of calculations, providing an in-depth analysis of the player during the match; The assessor/player will see their % based success rate on passing, shooting, goals, tackling and 1v1, which culminates, showing their overall game influence, ball retention, match contribution, ball at feet (BAF) and creative work rate (CRW).

Alongside match reports, the S20APP also statistically tracks the players activity over time. The match analysis chart, provides an ongoing curve match by match (allowing unlimited entries).

What do the results look like?

The sample match analysis ‘report’ and ‘chart’ shown below represent factual data collected on a well known England footballer during Euro 2012:

Match analysis report

Background data: June 18th, England 2 – Sweden 3.


Match analysis chart


Data types can be deselected to show a more detailed report:


What do you do with the match analysis results?

Once you have your results (the more matches the better), you will be able to identify both strengths and weaknesses.

For example, you can see above passing could be improved, particularly via head, and by comparing the match analysis report against other games, establish why the players game influence varies circa 20% between games – is it fatigue, proximity of opposition shadowing etc and by addressing these issues with a focused training regime coupled with game tactics, you can improve both an individual player and teams performance.