Who can use it?

To benefit fully from the S20APP system, the player(s) must be involved in a game environment/situation i.e. – Training or Match with a team.


From the outset, the whole point of this analysis program is to help improve the individual player’s game. By helping the player to get more of the ball during the game and becoming a Creative decision maker.

What’s been proven is that the higher the players Creative Work Rate, the better the game the player has had, effectively becoming that Creative Attacking Player.

The S20APP system shows the player to want the ball more, not to hide behind an opposing player, to work harder in getting that ball and making good use of it when the player gets it. And by working hard after the player has passed it and offering for the return pass, the player is becoming an effective player for the team. The stats will prove this.

Also the player/coach can look at the stats and start setting targets for the player to achieve, it’s all positives, no negatives what so ever. The player might be a winger for example, so his targets next game might be:

  • More crosses in during a game
  • Take the defenders on, improving their 1v1 Attacking
  • Increase their Creative Work Rate.

Simple targets for the player to achieve, which will produce BIG gains by improving and influencing the game.Goalkeepers version coming soon.


The Scouting Network. It’s all about personal opinions. 1000’s of children getting trawlered into Development Centres and Academies only to be released and shattering their dreams. With S20 Analytical Player Programme, Influence the Game, Scouts can analyse players over 4 games and with a 4 game stat average can determine whether or not they are ready to join their club system. With S20 Improve your Game, the stats don’t lie.

Using the Creative Work Rate percentage (CWR%) average, Academies and Development Centres can determine an entry level per age group which the players must reach over the 4 games they are analysed. So for example to qualify for a particular Development Centre, they have decided the entry level CWR% is 18% for u10’s, all players that are scouted and reach this level would be invited along to the Development Centre. Academies CWR% entry level would be higher.

Eventually all Development Centres and Academies should have players that have reached their requirements and with constant analysis and stats that don’t lie, can write reports for the parents and show them the stats, which a parent will accept. If a player is to be released they can see why and what they have to work on to get back into either Development or Academy.

Scouts therefore are bringing in players that have proved themselves over a 4 game analysis rather than bringing them to the Development Centre, not reaching the standard, being rejected and shattering a young player’s dream. Whereas if the proof is on the S20APP via the players performance stats, the player and parents will be more acceptable to the clubs decision to release the player.


If your a keen football fan and would like to generate an income whilst watching games, you can operate as an independent assessor and charge for your time to record and enter match details on behalf of a player.